Mizata beach El Salvador is a beautiful surf spot in the department of La Libertad. Mizata is excellent for those looking for a more private environment to either surf or relax; this beach has exceptional surfing conditions for almost the entire year.

Mizata beach offers a tranquil environment ideal for families, couples, or friends to have fun unwinding or surfing. It is located along kilometers 86 and 87 on the coastal highway, about 90 minutes from the international airport and about 30 minutes from the port city of La Libertad.

The surf at Mizata beach.

The main attraction at this beach is surfing; the waves are very consistent almost the entire year and are suitable for all surfers, from experienced ones to beginners.

At Mizata beach, you will find a few breaks from where to choose from and surf; each one of these breaks has different levels and conditions depending on the tide. So, before surfing Mizata, check with the locals to learn what to expect.